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Family Dentistry

Always feeling rushed for time? 

The Nebraska general dentistry team at Premier Dental understands that time is one of the most valuable (and scarce) resources that families have. Balancing work, social, and home commitments is no easy task, which is why the Nebraska family dentists at Premier Dental offer Omaha general dentistry services that can be tailored to fit your family’s busy schedule.

Parents who have more than one child are invited to schedule joint appointments for their entire family. This significantly cuts back on the amount of stress that families often associate with dental visits.

Meeting your family’s dental needs

Depending on the age and hygiene habits of each member of your family, dental needs will be different. Dr. Beninato, Dr. Bost, Dr. Butler, Dr. Ebke, Dr. Schultz, and Dr. Erdmann have many years of experience treating patients in every stage of life with advanced dental technology and techniques. You can trust your entire family’s oral health to our experienced team.

Starting with children ages 1 and over, our dentists at Premier Dental offer state-of-the-art general dentistry services, including routine checkups and teeth and gum cleanings. Bi-annual visits are an important way of keeping your child’s teeth and mouth healthy in the years to come. Any problems can be caught early, potentially preventing the need for more expensive corrective work later in life.

Addressing common dental problems

Preventive care is a focus for our family dentistry team. This is the best defense for common dental problems. However, even the most thorough dental hygiene regimen cannot avoid some significant dental issues. Apart from cleanings and examinations, our Nebraska family dentists offer:

Protecting your dental health now ensures that your natural smile will remain intact for years to come.

Family Dentist Omaha NE, Family Dentist Gretna NEQuestions to ask your family dentist:

  • What family dentistry services do you offer?
  • Do you offer simultaneous appointments for multiple family members?
  • Is the office environment inviting to children?
  • Are you and your staff experienced in providing dental care for people of all ages?
  • Do you use the state-of-the-art technology and equipment?
  • Do you and your dental team participate in continuing education?

Cosmetic dentistry services

Even a perfectly healthy smile can suffer from cosmetic imperfections that grow worse as you age. Yellow teeth, unevenly-shaped teeth, gapping, and “gummy smiles” can all take a toll on your self-confidence. Nebraska family dentist Dr. Beninato offers a wealth of cutting edge cosmetic dentistry services to help improve the form, functionality, and beauty of your smile all at once. When you choose Premier Dental for your family’s dental needs, you can rest assured that you will have full access to the resources, technology, skill, and artistry that go into creating and preserving a beautiful smile.

If you are looking for an experienced Nebraska family dentist in the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska, please contact Premier Dental today to schedule an initial consultation with our Omaha family dentistry team.


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