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Pediatric Services

Our practice can provide a wide range of dental services for your children. Our flexibility in our services saves you time and keeps your total dental care within one practice. Our emphasis is on total preventive care for our patients. Total care begins with regular hygiene visits, regular check-ups and continued home oral health routines.

We provide many preventative measures to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy, including sealants and fluoride treatments. We also educate the parents in early detection of some common problems children may face, including thumb sucking, bruxism and baby bottle tooth decay.

Our primary goal for your children’s dental development is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques, technologies and by maintaining their scheduled dental exams.

Oral Hygiene Care

At Premier Dental, we teach oral hygiene care as soon as patients are old enough to learn it. Proper brushing and flossing every day will keep problems from developing and good oral health plays a role in your overall health as well.

Everyone can take some simple steps to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. These steps include:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day.
  • Eating a balanced diet and healthy snacks.
  • Using toothpaste and other dental products that have fluoride.
  • Follow your dentist’s advice to use a fluoride mouth rinse, if needed.

Dental Cleanings

Premier Dental provides complete hygiene care for your child so that he or she leaves with a clean health smile! Teeth should be cleaned by a professional at least once every six months to prevent gum disease. Deep cleaning teeth prevents plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and painful dental emergencies.

Fluoride treatments are especially important during teeth cleanings for kids. At this stage, fluoride is essential to enhance the strength of forming baby and adult teeth.

Dental Sealants

Teeth have narrow grooves and pits that may not always be cleaned with a toothbrush and commonly trap foot and foster bacterial growth. Dental sealants are brushed on to form a seal or coating over the tooth to prevent cavities in these grooves and pits.


The concept of a “filling” is replacing and restoring your tooth structure that is damaged due to decay or fracture with a material. We will replace old, broken-down amalgam/metalfillings that contain traces of mercury with white fillings (composites) to restore your smile and teeth to a more natural look and feel.

With today’s advancements, no longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of unsightly and unhealthy silver/mercury fillings or metal margins of the past. Eliminate the dark, black appearance in your teeth with new-age, state-of-the-art, tooth-colored resin or porcelain materials.

Tooth Extractions

General Extractions

An extraction is the complete removal of a tooth. Extractions are sometimes necessary if a primary tooth is preventing the normal eruption of a permanent tooth, if the tooth has suffered extensive tooth decay or trauma that cannot be repaired, if the patient has gum disease, or if the tooth is impacted (usually the wisdom teeth). Depending on the complexity of the case, an extraction can be performed surgically or non-surgically. A mild anesthesia is used to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth

Your third molars are more commonly called “wisdom teeth.” Usually appearing in the late teens or early twenties, third molars often lack the proper space in the jaw to erupt fully or even at all. This common condition is called impaction. When any tooth lacks the space to come through or simply develops in the wrong place of your jaw and becomes impacted, problems can arise. Primarily, damage to adjacent teeth and crowding occur. Ask our dental staff for more information regarding tooth extractions if you feel you may need one.


Orthodontics are used to straighten upper and lower teeth and to correct bite. Correcting the problem can create a nice-looking smile, but more important, orthodontic treatment results in a healthier mouth. That’s because crowded and crooked teeth make routine cleanings more difficult, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Ask for an orthodontic consultation to determine if your child is a candidate for orthodontics.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a brighter whiter smile. We offer a variety of products to help achieve that whiter brighter smile. We have an in-office bleaching and a take-home bleaching. Contact our dentist before starting any teeth whitening.

Pediatric Sedation

If children are afraid of the dentist or anxious about a dental procedure, we can use sedation to help calm them. The degree of sedation may depend on the patient’s age, the level of their anxiety, and whether behavior issues are involved. We can discuss our various options with you at your visit.

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