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Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist

Almost nothing will affect the quality of your cosmetic dentistry results as much as your choice of cosmetic dentist. When you schedule consultations with those candidates, you should go in with a list of questions to make sure you address all your concerns with every Omaha dentist.

Here is a list of suggested questions to ask your Omaha cosmetic dentist:

  • What procedure would you recommend for me? What are the advantages of the procedure?
  • What alternatives are there to this procedure? Why are they not as good?
  • What training do you have that will help you perform my procedure?
  • What ongoing training are you doing to keep in touch with advances in dentistry?
  • How much experience do you have performing this procedure?
  • Can I see before and after images of cases like mine?
  • Can I talk to some previous patients?
  • What complications have you seen in previous treatments and how did you handle them?
  • How long can I expect my results to last? What do I have to do to maintain them?
  • If I am unhappy with my results, what will you do?

You are listening not only for the answers to the questions, but to the tone and temper of the responses. You want a cosmetic dentist who makes you feel completely confident in his ability to give you the results you desire in a comfortable environment.

At Premier Dental, we are convinced that our Omaha dentists are the best in Nebraska. We believe you’ll think so, too, and we invite you to talk to them in person. Please contact Premier Dental today to schedule a Nebraska cosmetic dentistry consultation.


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