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“My confidence level on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10. I smile all the time. I wish I could have done this years ago, when my teeth started to go bad.

“I would recommend this to friends and family. Friends have started to notice something is different, they just don’t know what it is.

“I have told a few people what I have done and they all agree how natural and pretty my smile is. Thanks to a caring doctor and his crew, I feel like a million bucks! Keep up the good work.”

C. Z.


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“Dear Dr. Beninato,

“Since having my smile ‘makeover’ in May, my confidence level has exceeded my expectations. I find myself smiling ‘all’ of the time. I have had people say to me ‘you have beautiful teeth.’ Others have asked what kind of toothpaste I use. I look at photographs that we have taken over the summer and can’t believe the difference in the way I smile. I don’t try to cover up anymore. I wish I would have done it years ago. If any of my friends inquire about the procedure I would tell them not to hesitate a second. Your smile is what everyone sees all of the time.

“Thank you, Dr. Beninato, and your ‘outstanding’ staff for making it easy and exciting to have beautiful teeth.”

D. K. H.


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“I never in my wildest dreams, ever thought that I would have porcelain veneers. I really didn’t know anything about them, if I had I would have loved to have them sooner. I’ve always smiled a lot, but as I got older I became more self-conscious of my teeth as they became yellow and translucent. Now I have no problem smiling whatsoever. I wish everyone could have this done. It is such a morale booster. My friends and family love my teeth and are always saying, ‘there’s that beautiful smile.’”



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"Because I have fairly complicated dental work, such as implants, bone grafts and crowns, it is very important to have a good, well-trained dentist who can do all of these procedures. In the past, I had to go to a cosmetic dentist and to an oral surgeon for care. Dr. Beninato is able to do all of this at his office. It saves a lot of time, not to mention emotion, to just work with one professional. Dr. Beninato and his team inspire trust from their straight forward explanations of care to knowing your name when you come for your appointment. This takes work and consistency and is very impressive."



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“Dear Dr. Beninato (or as I say Dr. Ben)

“I love my teeth — all of them. They are just beautiful! I thank you so much. I’m especially glad that Dr. Skow referred us to you. Thanks for being so confident that my mouth could be fixed — I wasn’t — and it gave me such confidence to have you work on my teeth. I have never wanted dentures and now there is hope that I will not have to have them. I really have appreciated your thorough, careful, professional care and the helpfulness of all your staff. Never have I been treated so well. I will refer people to you as often as I have an opportunity to do so. You are tops in my book. I have kidded around a lot but I am very pleased with what you have accomplished with my teeth!”

B. L. R.


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“I am very impressed with Dr. Beninato and his staff. They took the time to educate me about my dental problems and review all of my options. When I chose to move ahead with complete reconstruction, the entire office made me very comfortable. Dr. Beninato even called me from his home several evenings just to see how I was feeling! The level of service, commitment, and care I received is beyond anything I could have imagined. I refer all of my friends and family to Dr. Beninato, and encourage everyone to do the same.”



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“Since having gone through the full mouth therapy treatment, I think there has been a change in my confidence level. Anytime a person thinks or feel they look better, they feel better about themselves. I definitely find myself smiling more. Not only do I enjoy smiling now, people have commented that I have a nice smile, which helps with my self-esteem.

“My dental work was required due to problems after treatment of cancer. However, having the smile I have today was well worth all I went through to get it. Not only would I recommend Dr. Beninato and his talented team to others, I have. He is dedicated to your case. He explains things so you can fully understand your treatment. He surrounds himself with very skilled, educated, and dedicated staff. Their education, techniques, tools, and equipment are very-up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

“People have noticed the change. I had an occasion to meet up with some old friends from many years ago and several of them commented on my smile and my teeth and how happy I looked!”

S. W.


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“There has been a definite change in my self-image. The confidence is knowing that I can smile and not be concerned with what my smile looks like is a relief. In the past I somewhat hid my smile, now I never hesitate to smile. Sometimes I think I smile too much because it comes easy.

“I wish I had known earlier. I would recommend it to anyone who is afraid to smile. I get compliments on a regular basis. People say they didn’t notice my smile needing any work; however, no one ever complimented me until after the changes!”



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“Dear Dr. Beninato,

“For as long as I can remember, I have longed for a better and brighter smile. I now know one of the best things someone can do is to improve their smile. A heartfelt thank-you seems too little for the wonderful improvement you have made to my teeth. The porcelain veneers are beautiful and I have received so many compliments from friends. It is amazing how many people have noticed. I guess that is because I cannot stop smiling! This has really boosted my self-esteem. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

“Thanks again to you and your staff. This makeover is one of the best things I have ever done. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.”

J. S.


“I have had TMJ for more than 15 years. The degree of difficultly has varied from minimal to extreme pain. I have been a patient of Dr. Daniel J. Beninato for the past four months. (Neuromuscular treatment started October 25, 2004 and last neuromuscular check-up appointment was February 4, 2005.)

“During my visit with Dr. Beninato, we discussed my current symptoms which were at the highest point to date. I had been having frequent optical migraines as well as headaches in the temple areas. My jaw was extremely high and I was clenching my teeth a lot. My left ear was feeling full and at times it sounded as if a freight train was passing through my ear. I found myself off-balance, which was especially noticeable during my Tae Kwon Do classes. I was also experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders as well as frequent tingling sensations in my fingers. I had no idea that all of these symptoms could be related to TMJ.

“Dr. Beninato discussed a new way to treat TMJ with me and I was ready to try anything. I had to put my trust in Dr. Beninato as I didn’t quite get how wearing an orthotic was going to help bring my jaw forward and cut down on my muscle activity, but to my surprise it did. I am very impressed with the new technology that was used to place my jaw in a comfortable position. My jaw needed to be moved forward to such a great extent that it took me a couple of weeks to get used to wearing the orthotic, but I hung in there!

“Over time the orthotic was adjusted as my jaw moved forward and now I hardly notice that I am wearing it. I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I have been able to sleep this well at night. I have no more ear pain, the tingling in my fingers is gone, I am more relaxed, my jaw pain is much less, and it has been awhile since I have had a headache. I still have a habit of clenching my teeth; especially at night my jaw still needs to move forward further, but I am optimistic that under the continued care of Dr. Beninato we will continue to succeed.”

E. S.


“I never felt that I had pretty teeth so I would always smile with my lips closed or let them show only briefly, and I hated having my picture taken. As a teenager, I had to have some permanent teeth extracted which left gaps in my bottom jaw. After that experience, I made sure that I practiced good dental hygiene but continued to get cavities, crack fillings, and break teeth. My previous dentist would comment that this was happening because of my bite. As I grew older, I could see that my teeth were shifting in my mouth, making my smile even more unattractive. I also felt that my bottom jaw line was taking on a sunken appearance due to the missing teeth which were never replaced with bridges. I decided to get a second and third opinion from an orthodontist and/or cosmetic dentist.

“I was very impressed with Dr. Beninato when he described the treatment plan for my dental concerns because he stressed that he must first correct my ‘bite’ before proceeding with the replacement of bridges and crowns for a full mouth restoration. He even took time to review my dental photos and treatment plan with my husband. Dr. Beninato and the staff at Premier Dental did an excellent job of meeting my needs and making me feel very comfortable during the entire orthotic and restoration process.

“Now that my full mouth restoration is complete, I find myself smiling more readily and holding that smile! This has boosted my confidence level because I know I project a more positive image when I smile. I have recommended Dr. Beninato to my daughter as well as other relatives and friends.

“I have received some wonderful compliments from my family. My husband says that I now have movie star teeth and my daughter, after seeing my before and after photos, said that Dr. Beninato is a miracle worker. I agree with both comments.”


"I have horrible anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. You guys made my first visit very comfortable. I came in anxious and be the time I left I felt calm. And the level of service was excellent. I didn't feel like just a client but a friend while I was there. Thank you!


“Dear Dr. Beninato and Team,

“I just wanted to thank you all for my beautiful teeth!! You made all of my visits pain-free and enjoyable! That’s not something you usually hear after a dentist visit! Keep up the good work!”



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