We are excited to announce something new at Premier Dental! We are so grateful for our exceptional patients, and we appreciate that fact that each of you has helped make us the community that we are today! So we would like to start celebrating YOU! As a fun way to thank you, we will be choosing a “Patient of the Month”. We will be honoring one patient each month with the title of “Patient of the Month”; they will receive a special gift and be displayed in the office.

Each month, we will select one patient based off the following “outstanding patient” criteria:

  1. Your mouth is healthy and your smile is bright due to your exceptional oral hygiene habits!
  2. You have displayed significant improvement in your oral health: we see a noticeable difference in the health of your mouth due to a diet change, increased brushing and flossing, or a change in habit such as having stopped drinking pop or smoking.
  3. You keep your regular scheduled appointments and arrive on-time for appointments.
  4. You refer your friends, family and/or coworkers into our office as new patients.
  5. You’ve had an incredible, life changing smile transformation!
  6. You give back to our community in some measurable way that is making an impact.
  7. You have completed a Google or Yelp review.
  8. You are just an amazingly great person!

Congratulation Chris B. on being our first “Patient of the Month”! Chris is pictured above with Jamie, Shelby, Janette and Taylor. Thank you Chris for being an outstanding patient!