The reason I wanted to do the smile makeover is a combination of factors. My enamel was worn down with really severe morning sickness with my first daughter. Ever since then I have had extensive dental work and then follow-up patch work. No matter how diligent I was with my oral hygiene, I was never able to compensate for the damage done during that time period. Many of those original fillings were silver and falling apart, causing gum inflammation or pain due to gaps between the tooth and the filling. I even had a tooth extraction that was visible with a big smile, which was frustrating at my age and caused me a lot of hesitation when smiling (or even talking). On top of that, I had staining from well-water/lack of fluoride as a young child that wasn’t responsive to whitening. I did not have access to orthodontia when I was growing up, so I had a front tooth that was always angled and the rest of my bite had shifted over time due to serious overcrowding, plus the extraction caused that space to collapse and more shifting. This combination of factors made me extremely self-conscious about my smile. I felt like my teeth were costing time and money constantly and a whole lot of discomfort, but never making any progress towards a finished product I was proud of. I considered orthodontia, but with the combination of issues I had going on, it would have fixed the spacing, but none of the other concerns. The deciding factor for me was the comprehensive analysis of my case by Dr. Beninato and the sincere interest he and his staff took in helping me find the right solution for me (not them). They gave me multiple options and talked through each of them to make sure I understood the cost/benefit analysis for each. The option to fix the ENTIRE upper arch at one time was the tipping point for my decision. I don’t have a ton of “extra” time in my life with a full time job, a husband, and four kids. This option was extremely attractive to me, not just cosmetically (which was a huge bonus), but functionally as well. I would be able to fix all of those issues with one solution.

Every person’s decision is going to be unique based on what his or her needs and goals are. If a smile makeover makes sense for that person, I absolutely recommend it. I waited a really long time to be brave enough to ask for help tackling this combination of issues. My only regret after going through this process is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I chose Premier Dental because the location was convenient and they advertised “pain free” dental options. With all the work I’ve had done over the years, I was tired of being in pain during and after the procedures. My prior dentist was effective, but I always seemed to leave the office with vague instructions for after-care and a throbbing mouth. Sometimes I would find myself going through procedures with tears streaming down my cheeks because it was so uncomfortable. I didn’t realize there was another way to do dentistry. That’s why I came to Premier, but that’s not why I came back. My experience at Premier was first class the entire way. Every time I walk through the door I’ve been greeted by name by a staff member. I have never been stuck in a waiting room for extended periods of time, which is critical for someone that has such a tight schedule. Each member of the staff (from the young hygienist that did my first cleaning and offered judgment free ideas to Dr. Beninato himself spending time talking face-to-face about my concerns) has treated me like an honored guest. That experience will keep me coming back.

My life hasn’t changed since my smile makeover in some romantic or fairy tale type of way. I still work every day and play chauffeur every evening, but I do think my smile on the outside finally matches the joy I have always felt on the inside. I’m still getting used to smiling without hesitation and when I see pictures of myself I am still surprised at how great my smile looks, but those are things I will gladly get used to. I have people notice my smile all the time now and it makes me proud that I braved the discussion and finally asked for help.

Knowing what I know now, even with the procedural part of the work, I would absolutely do this again. I would definitely choose Premier Dental for my care provider. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Dr. Beninato and his team.