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Good dental hygiene includes attentive care of your teeth and gums. But sometimes, gums need extra help.

The CDC states that 47.2% of Americans have periodontal disease, however, only 1 in 3 seek treatment. At Premier Dental, we offer several options to help treat Periodontal Disease in its early stages to prevent it from advancing further.

The first step is for one of our Registered Dental Hygienists to use an ultrasonic cleaning device. This device is used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth where regular cleaning devices can’t reach: under the gum line, on the tooth, and around the root. Because periodontal pathogens repopulate in as little as 2-12 weeks, it is vital to keep your teeth healthy with daily brushing and flossing, eating a healthy diet, and keeping up with dental checkups.

If the disease is in the later stages and the tissue or bone surrounding the teeth is too damaged to be repaired with non-surgical treatment, we have several surgical procedures available such as pocket depth reduction, regeneration, and soft-tissue grafting. The highly-skilled professionals at Premier Dental will assess your condition and discuss a treatment plan customized just for you and your health.

We also offer two treatment options for our patients who suffer from bad breath. Bad breath is embarrassing and can cause social confidence issues. Most bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, harbored in hard-to-reach places.

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  • Debridement – Tongue scraping, called debridement, is a key component of breath treatment. A toothbrush cannot reach into the deep grooves on the surface of your tongue. For this we use a special scraper that is both flexible and rippled to clean the surface.
  • Gum treatment– Gum disease creates pockets in your gums, which also harbor odor-causing bacteria. A gum cleaning will rid these pockets of bacteria and allow them to heal.
  • Many people experience anxiety or shame around dental care—but rest assured, we’ve seen it all and we won’t judge. Don’t suffer from gum disease and deteriorating teeth. Let our team help.

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