Studies continue to connect periodontitis (gum disease) with other health issues. The connections are not always clear, but continuing research indicates that people with diseases that include a chronic inflammatory state also tend to have a higher incidence of gum disease.
For example, in the general population, endometriosis-a chronic inflammatory disease-affects up to 25% of women, but when you look at a population of women with gum disease, the rate of endometriosis increases in nearly 70%! Is it a casual relationship? That we don’t know yet, but we do know that if you have gum disease-also a chronic inflammatory disease-your chance of having other health issues increases significantly.
So what can you do? Keep a diligent daily routine of brushing at least twice and flossing. Also ensure that you schedule and keep your regular continuing care dental appointments every 6 months. Call us today at 402-718-8737 to schedule your dental cleaning and exam.