It’s an important time of year. It’s the time of year for fun, family, and food. And in our feasting it’s important to remember to continue with regular routine dental care, especially at a time at which we feast on turkey, stuffing, cookies, pies, etc. It’s important to remember to keep up on our regular brushings, twice daily, and a regular flossing, once daily. And, for those of you who don’t floss regularly, or who need some advice on the proper way to do it, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to practice quality oral care with the abundance of sugary foods we consume, the amount of snacking most of us do, and, also, the types of foods we eat at Thanksgiving (turkey, stuffing, etc.), which can lodge easily between our teeth and gums, requiring a thorough flossing. So, here’s a few tips to flossing this holiday season.

First, we all know how important flossing is: like brushing, it removes the buildup of plaque and other bad things from the spaces between our teeth, by reaching in those hard-to-reach-spots that a toothbrush’s bristles can’t clean. So, it’s important at the tail end of the day, to thoroughly floss the spaces between our teeth (you can floss either before you brush or after, as long as you do both thoroughly, it’s going to be effective) and, also, at the times after a big meal, like at Thanksgiving.

To floss, use whatever tool you wish—picks, flossing tools, standard spool of floss. The tools are self-explanatory, but, if you are using floss from a spool, simply take a strand of it—a longish strand, think 8-12 inches—and wrap the tag ends of it around the tips of your fingers, and then place the taught floss between them into the spaces between the teeth, and, keeping the floss taught between your fingers, use a back and forth rocking motion, similar to how you would clean a tooth with a toothbrush, and scrub the spaces between the teeth and gums. Do this for every tooth, then throw the floss away. It’s that simple.
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Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and remember to keep up on your dental care!