Why did you decide to straighten your teeth?
I wanted to have a great, more confident smile. Throughout my life my teeth have never been straight, and my parents didn’t have the funds to put me through orthodontic treatment. So the fact that I can get my smile how I want it to look without it being noticeable, is huge to me!

Why did you choose Invisalign?
Being a Treatment & Financial Coordinator here at Premier Dental, I see a lot of patients throughout the day, which means I needed braces that would not interfere with my ability to talk to patients in person or on the phone.

How has Invisalign affected your day to day life?
The Invisalign trays are super easy to keep up with; I look forward to getting my new set every other week. I’ve heard people say that it can be painful as your teeth are shifting, but the tightness is only a sign that it’s working and for me, it has not been painful at all!

How do you eat with Invisalign? Is there any food or drink restrictions with Invisalign?
You need to remove the trays when you eat, so unlike traditional orthodontics there is no need to restrict any of your favorite foods and snacks because of Invisalign. However, you do need to make sure you have the Invisalign trays in for 20-22 hours a day to be most effective.

How long does the Invisalign treatment take?
Dr. Piper Larson said that my case is one of her longer cases and most cases take about 12 months. It will be a total of 1 year and 4 months, which is a long time, however it is going by super fast. I am currently 5 months in to my treatment and I notice a tremendous change in my smile. I feel like I’m smiling more. I have been able to connect with and talk to patients going through the same Invisalign treatment. If you are interested in Invisalign or have questions I’d love to chat with you about my experience!
I cannot wait until I see my final results and would love to help you along your journey! I will you update you as my treatment progresses.