Let me take you on a trip back in time. The year is 2004 and the Groves’ little family of three was about to change. Unbeknownst to them, their decision to become foster parents would soon set off a series of events that would ultimately take their family of three and turn it into a family of 12. After approximately 19 months of fostering brothers, Noah and Chase, they were given the opportunity to adopt them. This was only the beginning! In 2006 their phone rang with a call that the same birth mother had another child that she was unable to care for, and would they be interested in taking him in? Scott and Melissa Groves didn’t even have to think about it, the answer was a resounding YES! That same phone call came in a few more times over the following years and each time the Groves family opened their hearts and their home. Ultimately they welcomed eight biological brothers and one biological cousin into the fold.
Now fast forward to present day. As you can imagine, their household is a hive of activity. But what happens when one part of the foundation of this family falls ill? Melissa has been battling a blood clotting disorder and the resulting infection is potentially life threatening. Many treatments and two surgeries later, doctors were regrettably unsuccessful in restoring circulation in Melissa’s foot. The infection caused chronic pain and had immobilized this always-on-the-go mom. Then the news they feared came in early October. With all options exhausted and the infection threatening her life the decision was made that amputation was the only choice left. Shortly after the news came Melissa underwent surgery to remove her leg just below the knee. Melissa states, “Every day brings something new to learn and accept.” More than anything she is ready to hear the familiar sounds of her family and home life, that noise is a comfort to her and she’s ready to get back to it. When things get tough she says, “My kids, family, friends and my church all keep me going.” She reminds herself that, “God has a plan. Every time we thought we were done expanding our family God would say no, I have a plan. I keep thinking that this is the same, He has a plan.”
This holiday season our family here at Premier Dental has chosen to reach out to offer our support and services to the Groves in their time of need. We’ll be setting up an Angel Tree in our office that will be decorated with the Christmas wishes of the Groves family. At Premier Dental we are passionate about supporting our community and we encourage you, our patients, family, friends, and peers to do the same. Scott and Melissa Groves have opened their hearts and home to keep this family together and to provide them with love and a sense of belonging. We’re doing what we can to ease the stress of the holidays for their family and we’d greatly appreciate your support in doing so!