We’re all very proud to be part of the Premier Dental team, and this month we wanted to spotlight one member of our staff. Many of you know Kaitlyn as our wonderful receptionist, but we wanted to share a little more about why she’s such an important and special member of our work family.

When we first met Kaitlyn, we knew right away what a hard worker she was. At the time, she was working at Scooters. She would get up at 3:30 am every morning in order to be there on time at 5:30 am. While Kaitlyn was working, she was also taking classes at a local university. Working hard is one of the qualities we value most in Kaitlyn.

She came to our office because she needed a smile makeover. Kaitlyn had been to several other dentists, but was losing hope due to how pricey dental care can be. With a family history of oral health issues (including her grandmother having to get dentures at 22 and her mother the same at 47), she knew she didn’t want to go down that path. Premier Dental was the final dental office on her list.

After meeting Kaitlyn and learning her story and history, we decided we wanted to give her a new smile. With that new smile, Kaitlyn also began a new chapter in her life – working full time in our office. We appreciate all the wonderful work she does for us, and are so glad that we were able to help make her smile as beautiful as possible!

When asked “How has your smile makeover changed your life?” Kaitlyn’s response was “I am no longer afraid to smile, I can greet people with a warm happy smile. I don’t have that burden on my mind all the time of the bad things that would happen to my teeth.”