A bright white smile means confidence.  But there’s factors in our daily lives which can degrade our teeth’s whiteness.  The foods we eat are a primary factor.  Liquids such as wine, coffee, and tea can stain the teeth.  These liquids all contain powerful, staining pigments that attach to the outsides of the teeth—the enamel.  This staining will change the color of the teeth over time.  Also, those of you that use tobacco, besides having other danger health risks to consider, will stain the teeth.  It’s the nicotine in the tobacco, which once its been given oxygen, turns a yellowish shade that stains the surface of the teeth.  Also age can play a factor, as well as which medications you take: high blood pressure medications and antihistamines—just to name a few—can have a side effect of a discoloration of the teeth.

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So what do you do if all that brightness has left your smile?  It’s simple, you visit your dentist.  Your dentist may recommend one of several different treatment options.  The first of which is a simple whitening toothbrush that can be used at home.  Whitening toothbrushes have small particles that act as sandpaper and abrade the teeth as you brush.  The second option is a take-home tray, or a whitening strip—whitening strips are now more commonly found in the aisle of the grocery, although make sure to purchase one with the ADA Seal to ensure that the products been tested to be safe.  The take-home trays, in which you’ll fill molds that fit over the surfaces of your teeth with whitening chemicals, bleach the enamel of the tooth.  The third, and most commonly thought of, is an office visit in which you get your teeth professionally whitened.  This is also called bleaching the teeth, because bleaches are applied to the surfaces of the teeth.  The rest of the mouth will be protected from the bleach.

If you’re looking in the mirror and your smiles dimmed, regardless of the reason, visit your dentist to bring back that bright white, confident smile.

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