Deciding if a smile makeover is right for you can be a big decision. We continuously hear from our patients who have chosen a smile makeover and how they wished they had not waited to have this done. Deb Stuto chose to have a Smile Makeover at Premier Dental. Here is what she had to say about why she chose a smile makeover,A smile makeover was important to me because I was becoming more and more self conscious when I smiled. My bottom teeth were very worn down. My smile was making me feel old. The deciding factor to have this done was Dr. Beninato. After meeting with him and hearing his explanation of why my teeth were wearing down and what he could offer as help, I decided to have this done.”
When asked why she chose Premier Dental, Deb had this to say:A teaching friend of mine recommended Dr. Beninato. I hated going to the dentist and had not found one I truly trusted and liked in Omaha. The experience at Premier Dental was different from the moment I walked in the office. I was welcomed and everyone was concerned about me and knowing more about what brought me in.
Dr. Beninato diagnosed what my issue was with my jaw. All my options for treatment were presented to me and I was allowed to bring my husband back with me at a later date to go over the options AGAIN. I felt no pressure to do anything I did not want to do.
Eventually, as I progressed through my treatment, I felt like a family member when I came to Premier Dental. I still do! I never was good about keeping up with my dental visits until now.”

We asked Deb, What is different in your life since enhancing your beautiful smile? Are you smiling more? More confident? Employment changes? Not as embarrassed about photos? ” Yes, yes, yes and yes. I was always embarrassed of my smile, even as a young child because of my large middle gap. I did not like my picture taken. I have to say now, I still don’t love my picture taken, BUT I love my smile and I am not embarrassed anymore. I have people comment about my smile — I am more confident meeting new people and being in front of people. I retired from OPS since and now teach full time for Doane College.
My biggest change in life with my smile makeover is a side effect — not anything Dr. Beninato “promised” but I believe he hoped for. I was having severe issues with my sinuses. I had already had 3 sinus surgeries when I met Dr. B. and was constantly on an antibiotic and steroid. After I finished with my treatment, I have no longer been a “frequent flyer” at my ENT. They hardly know me now!!! This I am truly thankful for.”