Like their cigarette counterparts, it appears there are adverse health effects involved with vaping. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette. The solution that causes the vapor is usually made up of diluents (a term meaning some chemical was used to dilute the mixture), flavorings—different flavors are one of the touted benefits of e-cigarette use—and nicotine.

Now, inside the e-cigarette the solution is heated up by what’s called an atomizer—this heats the solution to create the vapor the user breathes in. E-cigarette solutions also come in different nicotine doses, so, naturally, people also tout that as being another advancement to healthier nicotine use. But, while things are not yet definitive on the adverse health effects of vaping—whether vaporizers are just as harmful as tobacco—what looks to be certain is that vaporizers are contributing to gum disease.

Studies show that nicotine does harm to the oral tissues. Studies also show that even though vaping claims to be different, it doesn’t matter how the nicotine is delivered. Nicotine reduces the amount of blood that can flow throughout the veins in your body. In example, long term use of nicotine can be responsible for heart disease and stroke.

This restriction of blood can kill off some of your gum tissue. Now, there are claims that vaping has enhanced oral health. But the truth seems to be that vaping only helps to mask the symptoms of oral disease. See, when gum disease strikes, there’s a flow of blood to the gums that makes the gums swell. However, when someone is using a vaporizer, and blood flow is restricted by the nicotine, the gums wont swell with blood, and your dentist may or may not be able to discern that there’s an underlying issue like gum disease. Remember also that gum disease allowed to get worse could develop into the much more severe periodontal disease. And Periodontal disease is much harder to treat, with treatment that, depending upon the severity, is much more invasive than a simple gingivitis treatment.

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